TRES is a multidisciplinary collective, exploring creativity through food and art.

Growing up in a Brazilian-Swedish family, in between two opposite cultures, we had the opportunity to see the world from multiple perspectives. This encouraged our curiosity and opened our hearts and minds, making life much more interesting. In this environment, we have learned that opposites can, in fact, potentialise and strengthen each other. 


TRES is a result of that; three siblings, with different interests and personalities, and a common desire to create something new. It is a space for us to explore our biggest passions, food and art. Bringing together Felipe’s experience with photography, Bia’s knowledge of gastronomy and Anna’s interest in creative direction and writing, we created a communication channel linking these different fields.


Through our journal, we aim to present our journey to establishing a communication channel between food, photography and writing while exploring different themes in each issue. 



Felipe, Bia and Anna


FELIPE is a fine art and commercial photographer based in London, UK. After years of trying to express his inner world through landscapes and external stimuli, he realised he could actually visualise and build all these abstract spaces with paper and light. That is when he started experimenting with still life photography.


BIA is a cook interested in simple, slow food based in Stockholm, Sweden. An intuitive cook, she uses her senses as her guides to create new dishes that feed the body and the soul. With her wide range of interests, from martial arts to music, she is always able to make unusual connections which she then translates into food.


ANNA is a creative director and writer passionate about visual arts and food, based in London, UK. From writing whole scenes inspired by the patterns found in a picture, to grasping abstract ideas and transforming them into creative briefs, her vision and direction skills are the uniting force of this project.