Text by Bia

At the end of 2019, I had the idea to collaborate with Felipe on a project, with the aim to create a link between photography and gastronomy.

To unite these two distinctive areas, we needed a starting point. We decided to choose a single ingredient that I would use to create a dish and Felipe would use it as inspiration for a picture. The idea was to explore the characteristics and the potential of a single element to the fullest. The chosen ingredient was butternut squash.

Before we started the creative process, Felipe and I had many conversations about what this ingredient represented to us. We came to the conclusion that this ingredient symbolised warmth, subtlety, balance and versatility. 

Finally, after multiple ideas, we were ready to create. Felipe would make an abstract still-life picture, using only orange sheets of paper. I would make a butternut squash ravioli filled with goat cheese and pumpkin seed pesto, butternut squash cream and pickled butternut squash. We decided that the project should be concluded with a Christmas dinner, in which both the dish and the photo would be presented to our family. Even though we were working in different countries, we were able to find and express a connection between gastronomy and photography.


Through this project, Felipe realised that he wanted to explore the connection between these two areas further. However, upon his return to London, the project stalled because of the distance and other commitments. 

In April 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, when he was stuck at home because of the lockdown measures, with too much free time in his hands and after watching many cooking shows, Felipe had the idea of expanding this initial project into a Cook/Photography book.

However, we realised that an essential part was missing for the development of this larger project. So, we invited Anna to join and help us structure it. She would take care of graphic design and texts, as well as help us translate our visual and gastronomic languages so that we could communicate better.

Check the recipe here and the limited edition print here.