Simplicity is non-excessive. In Swedish, the word “lagom” describes something that is neither too much, nor too little, but enough. Nevertheless, although the concept describes something uncomplicated, there is, hidden in it, an unspoken complexity. To exist, the simplicity cannot lose itself in the unnecessary.

Once all the surplus is removed, there is only the essential, that in its wholeness it can shine. To create something simple, one needs special attention. Simplicity does not try to be what it is not. It is natural and genuine in its existence, it is the expression of essence.


Text by Anna


For an image to exist as a physical object, be it a painting, or a photograph, it needs a base, such as a canvas, or a sheet of paper. Most of the time this base is nothing more than a platform onto which an idea can be conveyed. A white sheet of paper is always seen as a fresh start, as a new possibility, but never as an object in its own right. With this picture, Felipe wanted to celebrate the essence of paper, an object inherently simple.

 Thinking about simplicity, Bia wanted to create something that although simple in its appearance, would be full of unexpected flavours. Based on this idea, the lemongrass pannacotta was created- a simple and light dessert where its essence lies in the combination of flavours between the lemongrass and the orange.

Click here for the recipe and here for a limited edition print.